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Power market intelligence that drives informed strategic decisions

Australia’s energy system is in a profound state of transition, as it integrates large volumes of renewables, while maximising the benefits of the existing thermal fleet. While investment fundamentals have been strong, the lack of clarity over long-term policy at a federal level over the last decade has created uncertainty for investors. Aurora is working with leading Australian energy companies, developers, investors and policy-makers to answer questions that are critical to Australia’s energy future:

  • What role will grid-scale storage and other flexible technologies play in helping manage increased renewable penetration? Will greater value emerge in Frequency Control Ancillary Services (FCAS) as renewables penetration increases? Which technologies are best able to capture it?
  • What is a P90 price floor for generation-weighted-average prices for onshore wind and solar, particularly with rising volumes of rooftop solar?
  • How will policy play out, given competing agendas at the federal and state levels, as well as between key market participants?
  • How will electric vehicles (EVs)and roof-top solar impact demand – both total demand and its shape across the National Electricity Market (NEM)?
  • How will price ‘uplift’ evolve in Australia as competition increases with additional generation and transmission infrastructure is expanded?
  • What impact might additional interconnection between price zones have?
  • How will the evolution of marginal loss factors impact renewable project economics?

Aurora’s Australia Power Market Service subscription will give you the intelligence you need to understand and make decisions as well as to obtain financing for your investment projects. The service provides best-in-class long-term power market forecasts, access to our market data analytics platform EOS, and close interaction with the Aurora team through bilateral workshops and ongoing analyst support.

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