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Aurora’s Commissioned Projects team offers bespoke analytics and advisory services, combining the power of Aurora’s energy market models and data with experienced expert consultants.

  • Transaction support and valuation for all generation technologies and other energy infrastructure assets
  • Capacity, balancing and ancillary services market forecasting and auction bidding strategy
  • Policy scenario modelling for portfolio stress-testing, investment strategy and public engagement
  • New business model assessment e.g. co-location of storage and renewables; subsidy free solar and onshore wind; smart energy using battery storage and electric vehicles

Transaction support

With a firm understanding of the due diligence process in all major energy sectors and across many asset types – from energy commodity infrastructure to individual power generation assets – we work efficiently and responsively with our clients.

Asset and technology valuation

It is essential you understand the value of your investments and assets over time, and under a range of scenarios, for the purpose of regular portfolio valuation assessments, transaction support and project development.

Customized forecasts and scenarios

Using sophisticated, proprietary analytics, Aurora develops detailed forecasts for global energy commodity markets, and domestic power markets. Based on our market intelligence products, they are tailored to meet the specific analytic needs of our clients.

Strategy development

Using sophisticated energy and power-market models and extensive strategy experience, Aurora’s distinctive client-focused solutions help you develop robust strategies, which have been stress-tested by the best available market forecasts.

Regulatory strategy

Aurora has developed deep expertise in European and international energy regulation. As part of our various modelling programmes, we convert changes in regulation into tangible shifts in market behaviour and value accretion.

Operational optimization

In the power context, Aurora’s models produce granular analytics at 30 minute intervals on generation mix, price, and merit order to allow asset owners to better operate their assets.

Region-specific energy market scan

Aurora’s clients are global, therefore it is essential we deliver a world-wide view on the energy markets. Aurora has developed the analytic capability to rapidly adapt our underlying energy dispatch models to new regions and countries.

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