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Asset and technology valuation

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It is essential you understand the value of your investments and assets over time, and under a range of scenarios, for the purpose of regular portfolio valuation assessments, transaction support and project development.

But different generation technologies have very different operational characteristics and cost reduction rates. Therefore it is hard to project multiple, competing revenue streams across UK and European markets.

Working with Aurora, you will benefit from our extensive experience at valuing a range of assets and technology types in energy markets.

Our sophisticated models capture the complexity of real markets. In addition, we are independent, transparent on assumptions and methodology, and have completed bankable valuations across energy sectors.

The sophistication of our models has placed us at the forefront of assessing the value of established and emerging technologies, in particular:

  • Proprietary valuation techniques and approaches: we have developed proprietary analytic tools and methodologies (for example, to model value capture for grid-scale batteries in complex power systems)
  • Valued all generation technology types: in electricity markets, we have valued CCGTs (Closed Cycle Gas Turbines), OCGTs (Open Cycle Gas Turbines), gas reciprocating engines, end-of-life coal plants, battery developments, pumped hydro and renewable developments
  • Valued all revenue streams: we have assessed multiple potential revenue streams (for example, ancillary service revenue streams), factoring in the second-order impacts of deploying an asset in the energy market (for example, the impact of technology saturation, value cannibalisation across multiple revenue streams)

In addition to valuing power generation assets and technology, we also have extensive expertise in valuing infrastructure assets across gas, oil, and coal markets.

For example, in the European gas market, we have played a leading role in assessing the value of gas transmission and distribution networks using granular modelling that capture the full complexity of the physical pipeline system, future demand and risks for investors (both regulation and flow risks).

Get in touch and we will help you understand the value of your investment and assets over time.

By rethinking energy market analysis, Aurora provides our clients with data-driven intelligence for the global energy transformation