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Aurora Summer Renewables Summit 2019

Wednesday 5 June 2019
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Aurora Summer Renewables Summit 2019

Wednesday 5 June 2019


Power decarbonisation’s endgame: pathways to 2050 and implications for today’s strategy
The renewables sector has seen rapid change in recent years, and this is set to accelerate in the decade ahead as new technologies emerge, markets evolve, and governments push towards decarbonisation targets.
5 reasons to register now:
  • We will help you to prepare for the future by examining the possible paths towards a zero-carbon power system in 2050, and drawing out the implications for how to act today to capture emerging opportunities
  • We will examine the role of government policy in delivering a zero carbon system
  • We will look at the investment approaches that will deliver the most resilient results in a fast-changing market
  • We will discuss the fundamental properties of merchant risk
  • We will analyse how the usage and pricing of corporate PPAs will develop in the years ahead
Attendees will leave with fresh thinking to inform their own strategy as well as an insight into what will motivate future changes in direction for other players in the renewables sector.
If you would like to attend, please contact or 07789 234 981

Aurora Summer Renewables Summit 2019 Speakers

Dan Wells - Partner, Foresight Group
Chris Stark - Chief Executive, The Committee on Climate Change
Doyne Farmer - Professor, University of Oxford
Lindsay McQuade - CEO, ScottishPower Renewables
John Puddephatt - Head of Long Term PPA Origination, Statkraft
Laurence Fumagalli - Partner, Greencoat Capital
Guillame Fleuti - Managing Director, Head of Infrastructure, Lloyds Bank
Jonas Persson - Managing Director, Head of Sustainable and Natural Resources, Lloyds Bank
Emma Pinchbeck - Executive Director , RenewableUK
Zosia Riesner - Head of Corporate PPA, Lightsource BP

Summer Renewables Summit Highlights Video

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