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Aurora has deep expertise across all significant areas of regional and global energy markets including:

Conventional generation

Aurora has deep expertise in modelling and forecasting conventional generation technologies in the UK, European and global markets.

Distributed and flexible energy

Aurora has built a suite of sophisticated and robust models that capture the full complexity inherent in flexible and distributed generation to provide energy players with critical insights into the energy systems of the future.


Aurora is at the forefront in modelling and forecasting renewable technologies in the UK, European and global markets. Our analytical forecasting is combined with deep industry experience and clear strategic thinking to deliver exceptional outcomes for our clients in the renewables industry.

Energy infrastructure

Aurora tracks and forecasts key gas and power infrastructure developments in Europe and globally.


To help our clients understand the intricacies of the global gas and LNG markets, we have developed sophisticated modelling that captures and projects the major elements of global and European gas markets – supply, demand, price and infrastructure/ transport development.

Carbon, oil and coal

As part of Aurora’s integrated modelling of global energy commodities, we provide a detailed carbon, oil and coal market modelling.

Aurora’s intelligence and influence is vital to the global energy transformation