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Conventional generation

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Aurora has deep expertise in modelling and forecasting conventional generation technologies in the UK, European and global markets.

By combining analytical forecasts on long-term prices, generation mix and spreads with deep strategic expertise on key trends in conventional generation, our clients enjoy the best available insights and strategies to help them cope with a rapidly changing energy market.

Realistic conventional generation dispatch behaviour

In the UK and Europe, we project realistic conventional generation dispatch behaviour that reflects merit order, ramping costs and rate restrictions. In addition, we model a fully specified capacity market with endogenous entry, exit and mothballing of generation capacity. Endogenous demand adapting to both economic growth and electricity prices is then overlaid to offer internally consistent and accurate medium to long-term power market projections.

Find out how our data and insights will allow you to make better investment, strategic, operational and trading decisions.

Aurora provides profound insight, understanding and analysis of the economics of energy markets