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Energy infrastructure

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Aurora tracks and forecasts key gas and power infrastructure developments in Europe and globally.

In power, Aurora is at the forefront of modelling generation mix, and the subsequent developments required in electricity grid infrastructure.

In gas, we have modelled and provided forecasts and transaction support on upstream, midstream and downstream gas infrastructure.

For example, in power, Aurora has recently:

  • Analysed the impact of increased battery and renewables penetration on grid frequency management
  • Provided detailed reports on the impact of policy decisions on pricing grid infrastructure for energy suppliers
  • Projected future generation (including interconnectors) and infrastructure investments in the UK and Europe to maintain grid operability and stability

With regards to gas infrastructure, Aurora has completed transaction support and due diligence on multiple European gas transmission and distribution pipeline networks across Europe. We have also provided gas clients with strategic advice on the impact of developing storage infrastructure across Europe. Finally, our models track and forecast both inter-country pipeline development, as well as regasification and liquefaction development and utilisation.

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