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Aurora is at the forefront in modelling and forecasting renewable technologies in the UK, European and global markets.

Our analytical forecasting is combined with deep industry experience and clear strategic thinking to deliver exceptional outcomes for our clients in the renewables industry.

To model renewables accurately, Aurora incorporates the best available projections of government policy (for example, carbon volume, RES and CHP support regimes) and forecasts onshore and offshore wind, solar, hydro and biomass on a project-by-project basis in UK and European markets.

By using synthetic wind and solar profiles that match historical mean, variance, skewness and kurtosis, we can accurately model renewable revenue streams from government support mechanisms and relevant energy markets. Renewables system impacts are also captured to ensure internal consistency.

Find out how our data and insights will allow you to make better investment, strategic, and operational decisions.

Aurora’s intelligence and influence is vital to the global energy transformation