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Power market intelligence that drives informed strategic decisions

Fresh analysis on the challenges and opportunities in the French Power Market

The decision of the French government to diversify its generation mix away from nuclear marks an important change in the French power market. The transition, which represents a sharp break from post-war French industrial policy, has resulted in an overhaul of energy policy, including the introduction of a Capacity Market and Contracts for Difference auctions. This has helped ensure that security of supply and decarbonisation objectives are not put at risk. Renewables, in particular, are expected to grow rapidly and dominate new capacity investment.

Aurora’s French Power Market Forecast will help you to navigate through the energy transition, by addressing key questions and opportunities quantitatively, providing deep insights on policy and market developments as well as long-term price forecasts and relevant business case data for your investment decisions and financing.

Aurora’s insights inform and shape key policy and investment decisions, and are featured frequently in the press. They are grounded in economic modelling of pan-European power and global energy markets, and Aurora’s models are regarded as the industry standard.

We provide intelligence and analytical insights to address questions, such as:

  • What are the key market outcomes from the Government’s nuclear ramp down strategy?
  • What are the economics of renewables and how will they evolve with nuclear penetration?
  • What is the flexibility need of the future system and how can it be met?
  • Will the increase in interconnection support domestic generators?
  • How important are policies in neighbouring countries on French market outcomes?

Aurora’s French Power Market Service subscription will give you the intelligence you need to understand and make decisions as well as obtain financing for your investment projects. The service provides best-in-class long-term power market forecasts, access to our market data analytics platform EOS, and close interaction with the Aurora team through multi-client round tables and bilateral workshops, as well as ongoing analyst support.

For more information about our French Power Market Service, please follow the link here.

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