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GB Distributed and Flexible Energy Service

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Delivering greater understanding of distributed and flexible energy technologies

Investment opportunities in the power sector are changing.

The move from traditional, transmission-connected plants to distribution-connected and flexible technologies, such as batteries, peaking plant and demand side response, is being driven by rapid technological progress and increasing renewable penetration.

Aurora’s distributed and flexible energy service will help you understand the investment case for such technologies to help you identify:

  • Which revenue streams can be stacked under different business models? What prices can you expect in the wholesale market, balancing mechanism, capacity market, various ancillary services (e.g. FFR, Fast Reserve, STOR) and remaining embedded benefits?
  • What investment returns are available for batteries, demand side response and peakers?
  • What are the risks, and to what extent might they affect your investment case?
  • Is your investment financeable, and how would equity or debt investors value your project?

Clients include: developers and investors in distributed and flexible technologies, major utilities, conventional and renewable power generators, equipment producers and service providers, policy makers and financial Institutions.  Our clients typically use this service to:

  • Support and underpin their investment decisions in batteries, peaking plants and other flexible technologies
  • Build business cases to obtain equity investments and debt financing
  • Anticipate market dynamics resulting from technological progress in flexible technologies and keep up to date with this fast-moving sector of the power industry
  • Understand the implications for conventional power generation

Through Aurora’s subscription service you will gain access to reports and analysis, granular forecast data and lots of interaction with Aurora team to discuss your specific questions. You will gain a deeper understanding of the potential returns, risks and financing options that are available in this exciting investment space.

For more information about our services, please follow the subscription link below. You can also download our flyer about GB Distributed and Flexible Energy Service here

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