Aurora’s commentary: Potential game changers for the roll out of flexible capacity in the GB power market?

With more solar and wind generation entering the energy system, BEIS and Ofgem are turning their focus onto the emergent and growing markets for flexible energy and capacities.  Aurora’s commentary now published on their joint consultation: A smart, flexible energy system – A call for evidence.

This summary note presents our thoughts on the high-level implications and risks regarding a successful transition to a smart, flexible energy system and is part of our ongoing work on how flexible technologies will shape the future GB power market.

We cover the key focus points of the consultation and their potential impact including:

  • Movement to half-hourly settlement for domestic consumers and small non-domestic consumers to incentivise signal-responsive consumption
  • Reformation of charging methodologies that determine final consumption levies on storage
  • Sharpening of price signals to better reflect system value of flexibility

If implemented in full, the proposed initiatives are potential game changers for the roll out of flexible energy generation.

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