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Energy security in an interconnected Europe – Tuesday 5 June

In this Webex session Aurora experts will discuss insights from our new cross-industry study ‘Energy security in an interconnected Europe’, focused on interconnectors and their contribution to security of supply in Great Britain

GB is becoming increasingly dependent on electricity imports from other European markets with forecasts of up to 18GW of interconnection capacity by the mid-2020s, representing 30% of peak demand.

With the right policy framework in place, electricity interconnection with the rest of Europe has the potential to provide a range of benefits to British electricity consumers. However, realising the full benefits of interconnection requires a policy framework that ensures interconnectors compete on an equal footing with other technologies, both in GB and interconnected countries. Particularly, the growing reliance on interconnectors meant that accurately assessing their contribution to security of supply is a critical, immediate issue for GB policymakers.

The pace of change in domestic and neighbouring energy markets – driven largely by policy shifts and rapid technology evolution – means that determining the future contribution of interconnectors to security of supply is incredibly difficult to gauge. For instance, the introduction of a Capacity Market in other European countries may mean that are “over-committed” in two different markets. Properly accounting for such risks in interconnector de-rating is critical to security of supply – and the consequences of error are high.

In this session, Aurora presents the key insights from its new cross-industry study, answering the following questions:

  • How much can GB policymakers and consumers rely on interconnectors to help “keep the lights on” during a system stress event?
  • How has historical performance of interconnector demonstrated their reliability and contribution to security of supply?
  • What are the key risks policymakers should take into consideration when determining de-rating factors for interconnectors in future Capacity Market auctions?

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