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Five key trends shaping the global energy commodities landscape over the next two decades

In a new report released on April 9th 2019, Aurora Energy Research – Europe’s leading energy market analytics firm – analyses the impact of global economic growth, internationalization of gas markets, continuing compliance within OPEC targets, peaking of Chinese CO2 emissions and relative decoupling of the Indian economy from fuel sector CO2 emissions, on prices and global trade of coal, oil and gas.

This commentary summarises five key trends emerging from the 150 page report, which is available for download – along with the accompanying slides and Excel data set – to subscribers through Aurora’s EOS online data and analytics platform.

  1. As global coal consumption remains relatively flat, non-fossil electricity becomes the key source of energy consumption growth to 2040.
  2. As OPEC decreases output, U.S. shale overtakes Russian oil production, leading to the U.S. becoming a net oil exporter by 2030.
  3. Chinese emissions peak by 2030 as a result of coal-to-gas switch, whilst India achieves relative decoupling of emissions from growth.
  4. Domestic shale gas overtakes conventional gas by 2040 as China’s coal-to-gas switch continues
  5. The decrease in Indian CO2 intensity causes a slowdown in primary energy demand growth, driven by decreasing consumption of refined oil

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