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GB Wholesale Market Summary – July 2018

Aurora’s GB wholesale market report provides a monthly summary of key characteristics in the wholesale market, ranging from overviews of fundamental system drivers to estimates of major company performance and snapshots of individual plant operation.

Highlghts from the July report include:

  1. Driven by rising fuel prices and demand, the average power price in July increased to £56.4/MWh, an increase of 6.6% compared to June, and a 42% increase on July 2017.
  2. Strong winds in the last weekend of July resulted in the average wind load factor rising to 55%, and average electricity price dropping to £44.4/MWh over that period.
  3. Total monthly gross profits rose by £21m in July compared to June, due to a 1 percentage point increase in utilisation rate across all assets, coupled with electricity prices rising more than commodity prices.
  4. Average monthly wind load factors have fallen by 4 p.p. in July relative to June, as the warm weather continues. However, in tandem with the rise in baseload prices, wind capture prices have increased by 6%.

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