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Portuguese solar auctions 2020

We are pleased to present our latest Portuguese solar auctions 2020 commentary on the upcoming auction for solar and storage systems. 

Aurora’s key thoughts include:

  • Compared to the 2019 auction, a new “flexibility option” will be included to provide capacity payments (€/MW/year) to solar plus storage while providing an insurance against price spikes to the system through a one-way CfD
  • In the 2019 auction, 75% of allocated capacities opted for the “guaranteed remuneration” scheme. Considering the current uncertainty from COVID 19, this scheme is likely to remain a preferred option in this year’s auction
  • We expect similar levels of competitiveness in this auction compared to last year. This is driven by what we expect will be a highly subscribed process and, as it relates to the “fixed price” modality, the strong appetite for revenue certainty in the current market price environment
  • The modality for solar plus storage is unlikely to be able to compete with the other remuneration options due to i) high CAPEX costs for storage systems; ii) low benefits for reducing solar price cannibalisation in the short term as solar capacities remain low; and iii) high competitiveness to capture price spreads due to the existing fleet of pumped hydro
  • Under Aurora’s Central forecast, deployment of subsidised renewables is expected alongside merchant/quasi merchant projects depending on the risk-return preference of developers. As such, we do not envisage the outcomes of the auction to affect our previous capacity and price projections
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