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Power market intelligence to navigate the transformation of the energy system

The Irish power market is changing.

2018 marks the beginning of a radical change for Ireland’s electricity system. The introduction of the Integrated Single Electricity Market (I-SEM), and the accompanying reforms will shift value, accelerate asset closures, and create new opportunities.

Aurora’s Ireland Power Market Forecast offers a new forecasting service for the Irish power market, designed to help our clients navigate the transition towards the I-SEM and the broader market, policy and technological changes.

Our service will provide you with the intelligence you need to understand the key market risks and make informed strategic decisions. The service includes granular forecasts of investment, prices and volumes across electricity, capacity, balancing and system services markets. Our service also provides a detailed policy review and outlook, in-depth analysis and quantification of the industry’s changing issues, and close interaction with the Aurora team through interactive client forums, bilateral workshops, and ongoing analyst support. We will provide intelligence to address key questions around this major transformation.

  • How does the introduction of I-SEM transform the Irish market? Who wins and who loses as we move to I-SEM?
  • How will wholesale market prices evolve and what prices will different technologies capture?
  • How much value in system services will the DS3 reforms create and who will capture it?
  • What are the new investment opportunities that arise, especially in flexible and renewable capacities?
  • What are the lessons from the first competitive capacity auction?
  • Will the new RESS programme see large-scale subsidies for offshore wind and solar?
  • How will uncompensated curtailment and balancing costs impact the profitability of wind farms?
  • Will potential new entrants depress long-term prices in the Capacity Market?

Our clients include: large utilities, power generators, renewables developers and investors, equipment suppliers, grid operators, policy makers and financial institutions. These market participants typically use our Power Market Service to:

  • Inform long-term investment decisions in generation and infrastructure assets across a wide range of technologies including batteries, wind, solar, speakers, CCGT, OCGT, hydro, energy from waste
  • Obtain financing on the basis of proven and widely accepted price forecasts
  • Anticipate changes in policy, technology, and commodity markets and assess their effects
  • Understand the fundamental changes in the market and the resulting implications for their business models
  • Keep up to date with medium-term and long-term forecasts for power, coal, oil, gas, and carbon
  • Validate internal forecasts and value existing portfolios as part of their business cycle

Using a combination of market intelligence and insight, our forecasts, regarded as an industry standard by market participants, will give you the understanding and transparency you need to make informed commercial decisions.

For more information about our services, please request further information below. You can also download our flyer about the Ireland Power Market Service here

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