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The new Climate Act of the 2017 coalition agreement marks the beginning of a change in the Dutch electricity system. These changes are driven by more ambitious emission targets, the introduction of a unilateral Dutch carbon price floor, a coal-phase out, further renewables and interconnector build-outs as well as the electrification of transportation. This transformation is shifting value from thermal to renewable assets and creating opportunities for the last remaining thermal generators, in particular gas.

Aurora’s Dutch Power Market Forecast has been designed to help market participants navigate through the energy transition, by addressing key questions and opportunities quantitively, and providing deep market insights and intelligence.

Aurora’s insights inform and shape the industry debate, and are featured regularly in the press. They are grounded in economic modelling of European and global energy markets and Aurora’s models are regarded as the industry standard.

We provide intelligence and insights to help address questions, such as:

  • How likely is a unilateral carbon price floor and what would be the impact on the modern gas fleet?
  • What are potential pathways and policy levers for one of Europe’s most modern coal fleets?
  • How is the Netherlands impacted by decisions of its neighbouring countries i.e. coal and nuclear exit?
  • Will electric vehicles support or risk security of supply?
  • Will the government stick to its high renewable buildout targets even if interest rates start rising?
  • What is the flexibility need of the future system and how can it be met?
  • Will the increase in interconnection support security of supply?

Aurora’s Dutch Power Market Service subscription will give you the intelligence you need to understand and make decisions as well as to obtain financing for your investment projects. The service provides best-in-class long-term power market forecasts, access to our market data analytics platform EOS, and close interaction with the Aurora team through bilateral workshops and ongoing analyst support.

Our price forecasts are widely used and have been the basis to acquire offshore wind farms and sell thermal power generation in the Dutch market.

For more information about our services, please follow the link below. You can also download our flyer about the Dutch Power Market Service here

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