EOS – web-based analytics platform

EOS is Aurora’s web-based analytics platform, which all subscribers have access to.

Designed as the primary distribution channel for our subscribers, it provides customised insights in real-time.

In addition to our latest research reports, EOS also offers access to historical and real-time power and gas market data for European countries, including:

    • Full asset and portfolio performance on a plant, technology, and company basis
    • Costs, revenues, and profits
    • Load factors, capture prices, output, and running hours
    • Key system characteristics
    • Prices, demand, output, market imbalances, gas storage utilisation, LNG imports, and more
    • Commodity data
    • Oil, coal, gas, and CO2 prices
    • Extensive proprietary databases to be explored, downloaded, and viewed via custom dashboards and charting tools

Get in touch today to discover how our EOS insights will help your business.