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Great Britain distributed and flexible energy service

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Delivering greater understanding of distributed and flexible energy technologies

Investment opportunities in the power sector are changing.

The move from traditional, transmission-connected plants to distribution-connected flexible technologies, such as batteries, peaking plant and demand side response, is being driven by rapid technological progress and increasing renewable penetration.

Aurora’s distributed and flexible energy service will help you understand the investment case for such technologies to help you identify:

  • What investment returns are available for batteries, demand side response and peakers?
  • What risks there are, and to what extent might they affect your investment case?
  • Is your investment financeable, and how would equity or debt investors value your project?

Through Aurora’s subscription service you will gain access to reports and analysis, forecast data and interactive client forums. As a result, you will gain a deeper understanding of the potential returns, risks and financing options that are available in this exciting investment space.

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As part of the subscription service you will receive a range of reports and analysis, including:

  • Forecasts of key revenue streams to 2040: Wholesale energy market and balancing mechanism price and shape forecasts; ancillary services including EFR, FFR and Triads; capacity market price forecasts from year ahead onwards; all forecasts produced under a range of scenarios that will be updated to track key risks
  • Investment case analysis: NPV breakdown for storage, various technologies ( e.g. Li-ion compressed air) and business models (embedded, paired with renewables, domestic use); peaking plants (gas and diesel peaks, OCGT)
  • Integrated market outlook: Generation mix evolution showing winning technologies and business models; quantification of total capital investment opportunity over time
  • Technology outlook: Up-to-date views on costs and performance for leading batteries, potential cost evolution, plus potential disruptive storage technologies; high level DSR supply curve including costs, quantities, and duration
  • Policy outlook: Summary and analysis of key policies and uncertainties

The following forecast data will be made available to you as part of the subscription service. Delivered through our online data platform, EOS, in Excel format, it will provide you with everything you need to build your own investment model:

  • Half-hourly power price and balancing market forecasts as well as other revenue streams to 2040
  • Standardised NPV calculations for each investment opportunity

Our approach

  • Sophistication and accuracy Aurora’s dynamic dispatch models features unmatched sophistication: complete internal consistency across energy, capacity and balancing markets; generation mix evolution is calculated not assumed; realistic simulation of actual investment and dispatch behaviour, not an ‘idealised’ or least cost view; and saturation effects and competition between flexible technologies fully captured, avoiding any double counting of value pools sophistication and accuracy
  • Independence – Aurora is known for its independence and, where necessary, is comfortable with challenging conventional wisdom. In 2014 we forecasted flat base-load power prices; a significantly out of consensus idea at the time, but has since been proven accurate. We continue to strive for that level of independent and objective insight in all areas of our Great Britain distributed and flexible energy service
  • Transparency – All of the results and analyses presented in our distributed and flexible energy service are refined through a detailed consultation process across Aurora’s private and public sector clients; we openly welcome debate and challenges to our methodology and are always willing to share detailed methodologies and assumptions with out clients
  • Credibility – Our results are proven by their bankability; clients trust our forecasts and strategic advice for commercial lending and investment decisions, and national policy formulation

Our clients

The unparalleled level of insight shown above has made Aurora’s distributed and flexible energy service an industry standard.

That is why most of the major players in the energy sector subscribe to this service, including:

  • Developers and investors in distributed and flexible technologies
  • Major utilities, conventional and renewable power generators
  • Equipment producers and service providers
  • Market regulators and policy makers
  • Financial Institutions

Among other things, our clients typically use this service to:

  • Support and underpin their investment decisions in batteries, peaking plant and other flexible technology
  • Anticipate market dynamics resulting from technological progress in flexible technologies and keep up to date with a fast-moving sector of the power industry
  • Understand the implications for conventional power generation

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