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This week’s ‘Energy Unplugged’ podcast

In this week’s episode, Aurora’s CEO John Feddersen is joined by his compatriot Paul Simshauser, Chief Executive of Powerlink Queensland, a major electricity transmission operator in Australia. Paul is also a Professor of Economics at Griffith University and was formerly the head of a major Government energy department.

John and Paul discuss:

• The global history of power markets’ privatisation
• Centralised and dispatchable generation in the future energy system
• Negative emissions technologies, hydrogen, and batteries owned and operated by networks


The 2010s: The decade where the energy transition gathered pace?

A reflection on what has been achieved in UK energy and climate policy over the past decade.

With the Net Zero target set in legislation earlier this year, and “Climate Emergency” being declared the Oxford Dictionaries word of 2019, will the 2010s be remember in years to come as the decade where our energy transition started to gather pace?

In this blog we chart the transformation of the UK energy system over the past decade, identifying where we have made progress and why, and some of the challenges ahead.

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