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Aurora Summer Renewables Summit 2018

Renewables has dominated power sector investment in the UK and Europe over the past decade and will continue to do so in years to come. The nature of investment is changing rapidly, however, as subsidies wane, merchant risks increase, and much remains uncertain about policy and market outlook.

Speakers include: Lord Deben (Committee on Climate Change) James Knight (Augusta) Fiona Mettam (BEIS), Hugh Brennan (Hive Energy), Joris Rademakers (Forsa Energy), Lily Coles (Anesco), Juan Rivier Abbad (Iberdrola Renovables), Minal Patel (Foresight Group), Antony Skinner (Ashurst), Jérôme Guillet (Green Giraffe), John Feddersen (Aurora), Richard Howard (Aurora).

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New analysis on the Dutch power market and policy frameworks from Aurora Energy Research, highlights enormous opportunities for accelerated generation of low carbon technologies in the Netherlands, as well as impacts on Dutch consumers through proposed policy changes in the energy market. The research also reveals significant impacts on related economies and power systems in North West Europe, in particular Germany, raising new issues for policy makers.

Aurora’s research finds that rising commodity and EUA prices, increasing power demand from the electrification of the transport and heating sectors as well as phase-out of baseload capacities across Northwest Europe drives up power prices. Dutch Government intervention, including renewables auctions with 1 GW offshore wind per year and a mandated coal phase-out by 2030, will drastically transform the current power generation fleet. Subsidy free photovoltaic and wind installations could add even more from mid-2020’s. Renewable capacities would almost triple, while thermal capacities would halve by 2040. It is still unclear whether the price increase will be passed down to household bills or taken over by the state via tax reduction.

A mandated coal phase-out achieves substantial emission reductions with limited spill-over, meaning additional CO2 emission of power plants in neighbouring markets. Aurora’s research indicates that uncertainties persist relating to policy developments in neighbouring countries. Outstanding decisions regarding a coal exit timeline in Germany will have a significant impact on the efficiency of Dutch measurements towards a carbon free economy.

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Aurora Energy Research provides data and analytics on UK, German, European, and global energy markets. Aurora Energy Research provides data and analytics on UK, German, European, and global energy markets. The result is bankable intelligence that drives commercial lending and investment decisions, and national policy formulation.

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