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Intelligence to unlock the potential of subsidy-free renewables

Renewables growth is having a transformative effect on GB’s power system.

The rate of growth in renewables is radically transforming the power system not only in Great Britain, but also of many other countries throughout the world. Both the Netherlands and Germany have seen subsidy-free bids into offshore wind auctions. In the 2018 Capacity Market T-4 auction in GB, subsidy-free onshore wind attempted to pre-qualify for capacity payments; and National Grid has announced a trial to allow wind and solar into frequency response markets in 2018.

Maturing of the offshore wind industry and supply chain, aggressive competition, rapidly falling costs, and clarity over future government support have created momentum for offshore wind in GB. Offshore wind is not only seen as a low carbon technology, but also as a key part of the GB power system – able not only to provide power, but also potentially to contribute to security of supply and balancing services.

Aurora is at the forefront in modelling and forecasting this subsidy-free renewables future and all relevant revenue streams. Our analytical forecasting and modelling are combined with deep industry experience and insights to help clients make key business and investment decisions as well as raise financing. Our Renewables Service helps clients to answer questions, such as:

  • Which ‘subsidy-free’ business models become investible first and when?
  • How does the business case stack up? How are realised capture prices affected by cannibalisation?
  • How much value can subsidy-free projects derive from ancillary, balancing and EFC capacity markets?
  • How will subsidy-free build-out affect capture prices and margins of ROC-based investments?
  • What price curves should be used for financing, and how low can capture prices go if key risks materialise?
  • How much debt can merchant projects sustain?
  • How big will be the corporate PPA and utility PPA market?
  • What are the opportunities for pairing renewables with batteries?

Clients include: developers and investors of renewable projects, equipment producers and service providers, major utilities and conventional generators, policy makers and financial institutions. These clients typically use our service to:

  • Support and underpin their investment decisions in renewable technologies and projects
  • Secure debt financing for their investment projects
  • Anticipate market dynamics resulting from technological progress in renewable technologies and keep up to date with this fast-moving sector of the power industry
  • Understand the implications for conventional power generation and support diversification and investment decisions

Through Aurora’s subscription service you will gain access to bankable renewable forecast reports and analysis, strategic insight reports, interactive client forums, interaction with the Aurora team via bilateral workshops, and ongoing analyst support.

For more information about our services, please follow the link below. You can also download our flyer about the GB Renewables Service here

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