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Home/The e-mobility revolution: impacts on the German power market and new business models – Friday 15 December 2017

The e-mobility revolution: impacts on the German power market and new business models – Friday 15 December 2017

So far, the Energiewende has been mainly about transforming the power sector. Increasingly, the focus is shifting to transportation and heating, with potentially profound implications for utilities and other power market participants.

In the transportation sector, the internal combustion engine has been the dominant technology for more than a century. This looks set to change over the next decades. Governments across Europe are debating policies to support the transition towards electric vehicles, ranging from subsidies for charging infrastructure, special lanes and parking spots to a complete ban for new combustion engines as early as 2030. All these measures come on top of the rapid technological advancements in batteries and other components that drive down vehicle costs.

In this session, experts from Aurora’s research and consulting teams will discuss the following:

  • EV penetration scenarios: We will provide Central, High and Low scenarios for electric vehicle penetration in Germany
  • New business models for utilities: We will provide an overview of potential new business models for utilities, such as smart charging tariffs, grid & balancing services, solar & EV home solutions and charging infrastructure. We will analyse and discuss the attractiveness and market potential of these business models, as well as the prerequisites for accessing them
  • Impact on power market: Finally, we model the impact on the German wholesale market. The two key determinants are the level of penetration and the “smartness” of the charging behaviour i.e. the extent to which it reacts to price signals. We will construct four different cases (high/central penetration & smart/not smart) and analyse the impact on demand, wholesale prices, generation mix and emissions

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*please note the recording is in German

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