GB Plant Performance Summary – March 2017

Aurora’s Power plant performance summary provides a monthly snapshot of financial and operating performance for individual plants on the GB electricity grid. We collate, clean, and process the data so that it is readily digestible and error-free.

Highlights of the March report include:

  1. Average load factor over all technologies falls to 46% Aberthaw B and Drax are the only coal plants to maintain an average load factor above 20%.
  2. As demand falls there are fewer opportunities for peaking plant.
    • After January’s high of seven OCGT plants running in 113 distinct half hours, this month only two small OCGTs were in operation for a total of 5 half hours – the lowest running hours seen since July 2015, and well below the 12-month average of 44.
    • Higher capacity plant such as Taylor’s Lane did not operate at all.
  3. Dungeness B, Hinkley Point B and Heysham 1 all average below 70% load factor this month due to planned and unplanned outages; other nuclear plant remain above 90% load factor.
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