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Aurora’s initial thoughts and analysis on the GB power outages on 9th August

Power outages caused widespread disruption on Friday 9th August in Great Britain, after two large generators dropped off the system and back-up capacity was not sufficient to stabilise the grid frequency.

Potential contributing factors include low inertia due to high wind and low thermal generation (though wind variability in itself does not initially appear to be a cause), insufficient flexible capacity, and oversensitive plant protection mechanisms.

National Grid gave the all clear to the DNOs within 15 minutes of the event and most affected areas saw power restored within an hour, however they are now under pressure to answer questions around the likelihood of repeat occurrences, the procured volume of services such as frequency response, and reasons for disconnecting critical infrastructure.

If National Grid is to meet its stated intention of being able to operate a zero-carbon system by 2025, it will likely need to significantly increase its procurement of flexible capacity.

Download our two-page news brief for our full analysis and commentary.

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