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Aurora Battery Storage and Flexibility Conference

11 October 2018
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Aurora Battery Storage and Flexibility Conference 2018

Battery storage and other flexible technologies continue to be a focal point for investment in the UK power system as it transitions towards a low carbon future. At the same time, markets for flexible assets have become more complex and challenging, and businesses are evolving their business models to continue to realise value.

Aurora’s flagship Battery Storage and Flexibility Conference brought together original analysis and insights from the Aurora team on the outlook for flexible technologies, and discussion with leading industry figures, in a focused half-day session in central London. It has grown to become one of the largest events of its kind in Europe – attracting 550 participants this year. Click here to view the highlights of our 2018 Conference and our video and podcast.

Conference themes included:

Batteries: as the frequency response market becomes saturated, what are the alternative business models available for batteries – such as arbitrage models, pairing with renewables, or alongside smart EV charging? How can these projects be financed? What is the likely effect of National Grid’s redesign of ancillary service markets, with the move towards day-ahead auctions?

Gas peakers and Demand Side Response: how might the competition between flexible technologies play out? Will gas peakers continue to be developed, post triad reform, and how will debt financing work? Will DSR live up to its potential in the GB market, and is this a threat to batteries?

Creating local markets for flexibility: how can distributed flexible assets be harnessed to help manage local grids? How can markets be created for distributed flexibility – particularly with the transition towards Distribution System Operators? How will regulatory regimes, such as RIIO2, need to evolve to encourage the development of smart energy systems? How can smart EV charging be harnessed to help balance the system and avoid costly network upgrades?

Aurora Battery Storage and Flexibility Conference 2018 speakers

The Rt Hon Sir Edward Davey - MP,
Frances Warburton - Director, Energy System Transition, Ofgem, Ofgem
Steve Shine OBE - Chairman, Anesco, Anesco
James Watson - International Head of Energy & Utilities, Osborne Clarke,
Saskia Barker - Service Development Engineer, Flexitricity,
Marek Kubik - Market Director, Fluence Energy,
Suleman Alli - Director of Safety, Strategy and Support Services, UK Power Networks ,
Joe MacDonald - Vice President of Sales, Limejump,
Mark Futyan - Distributed Power Systems Director, Centrica,

2018  Battery storage and flexibility conference 

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