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Aurora Summer Renewables Summit 2018

Thursday 28 June 2018
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Aurora Summer Renewables Summit 2018

Thursday 28 June (Central London)


Renewables has dominated power sector investment in the UK and Europe over the past decade and will continue to do so in years to come. The nature of investment is changing rapidly, however, as subsidies wane, merchant risks increase, and much remains uncertain about policy and market outlook.

Under the overarching theme of subsidy-free renewables, Aurora’s Summit focused on two key areas: policy and investment and drill down into the most pressing issues, stimulating discussion, and helping to move on the debate.

The Summit brought original analysis and forecasting from the Aurora team together with provocative insight and discussion from leading industry figures in a focused, half day session in central London.

Click here to view the highlights of the Aurora Summer Renewables Summit 2018.

Summer Renewables Summit Highlights Video


Part 1: Policy

Aurora Insight: Return or retreat: the role of the state in facilitating low-carbon investment

One-on-one interview: The Climate Change Act ten years on – reflections on the last decade of power market policy-making and the outlook for the future

Panel discussion: Proposition – The time of subsidy-free renewables has come

Part 2: Investment

Aurora Insight: The new investment landscape for renewables – Rise in merchant risks

Panel discussion: Thriving in post-subsidy environment – Strategies to manage and efficiently allocate merchant risks

Aurora Summer Renewables Summit 2018 Speakers

Justin Fitzhugh - Augusta, Augusta
Hugh Brennan - Hive Energy, Hive Energy
Lord Deben - Committee on Climate Change, Committee on Climate Change
Juan Rivier Abbad - Iberdrola Renovables, Iberdrola Renovables
Fiona Mettam - BEIS, BEIS
Joris Rademakers - Forsa Energy, Forsa Energy
Minal Patel - Foresight , Foresight
Clément Weber - Green Giraffe, Green Giraffe
Antony Skinner - Ashurst, Ashurst
Lily Coles - Anesco, Anesco

Aurora Summer Renewables Summit 2018 Gallery

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